Maintenance didn’t fix iOS crashing


Collection searches still crash the game. Take it down again and fix the latest update, please.


Yep, I believe the issue is a client issue so any maintenance in the server side will not helpful.

Blizzard have to create a hot-fix update for the clients but not sure how long they need.


Honestly all i want is an assurance that literally anything is being done. Ive seen a hundred people with this issue over several forums/social media sites, and no one has gotten a real answer. Ive spent an outragious amount of money on this game and planned to do the $80 pre-order again for the New Hero, but i can’t bring myself to do it if my client of choice is literally broken.


I don’t know of a user that has iOS working. If it’s this common, the result is awful.


It works on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Which is strange cause my iPad is still compatible. For some reason it the new update caused the list of compatible devices to shorten blizzard really crapped the bed when it came to letting us know that some devices may not be able to run it anymore. Hopefully that’s not the case but some people over on the hearthstone subreddit are starting to think that


It’s so annoying, after every game, a crash, trying to make a new deck, a crash, playing a game and the FPS drops so low that I get to lagged out, and crash. I was hoping the maintenance was resolving the issue but apparently it didn’t do a damn thing.


If thats true, about our devices no longer being supported, than we need to be told, especially when they are asking players to pre-order an expansion. Are they hoping we will just buy it and get jipped? This silence just makes me wonder.