M1 mac (apple silicon) - frequent hard crash battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is currently hard crashing my entire computer every two games.

Happens once every 20 minutes now and makes the experience very difficult to deal with. The display will freezes and I am unable to close the app even through force quit. In order to regain control, the entire computer needs to be hard-rebooted via the power button.

I am running a Mac Mini M1 with 8Gb of RAM using two displays connected via HDMI.


I hope that everyone who reads this creates a new post on this forum. It’s easier to raise awareness if 20 people repeatedly post about this problem. You can easily log-in to this forum via your battle.net account.

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Same problem. Display freeze, which can often be corrected by unplugging and replugging HDMI. Sometimes very hard crash.

It would be super nice if after 30+ days of people reporting this someone at blizzard could at least respond to say, “Thanks, we see you. We’ll look into it.”


Same problem here. How to fix it?!

You can try the iPad hearthstone Apps And tell me but it works on m1 mac ?
Please try