Long-term problems with playing HS on Macbook

Hi, I have a problem with the Mac client now for like at least 2 months, but finally it got to the point, where I’m at the point to write it here.

My connection is fast, I don’t use VPN, I tried several times to completely reinstall the game or even scan and repair but I’m still running into the problem, then when I even get to Hearthstone menu (sometimes I even don’t and have to restart), I then see the shop closed, all buttons disabled except “My collection” and “Open packs” which I learned, that if I go to “My collection” and after a few seconds comeback to menu, buttons are now normal, but still like 80% of cases I get a offline message and buttons “reconnect” which doesn’t work and I have to kill the app again.

Can you help me and am I the only one experiencing this?

Seems like long-term problem of the Mac version of the app.

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