Lightshow or Gatling Wand?

Hello amazing HS community!

I think the “lightshow” animation could have been better, it just feels like the Gatling wand card made for standard, and I’m sure its animation can be made better as this card is the ‘core’ of the deck.

Why not shooting 1 ray to the board and another to the minion receiving the hit, then when it is recast, it throws another ray to a random spot in the board and another to the minion/hero hit and so on, causing multiple rays in different directions.
This together with other animations like Infinitize the Maxitude would make it feel more like you are in a real rave with amazing lasers throwing colorful lights all over the place (and killing your opponents cards on the way). It would make it more fun and epic to watch and play, please think of it. <3

I’m a big fan of music festivals and techno & trance music, and so I’m very excited about this expansion and the selection of cards for my beloved Mage class with al the DJ’s and keyboards stuff, and this animation change will make the class just better to play with.

On the other hand I uncrafted every warrior card just to craft the Lightshow mage deck, ran out of dust, it is super fun, I’m liking it, I love the mechanics it brings, but I’m sad it can easily be left behind by some of the new mechanics from other classes. I hope they give it some love or we discover new ways to burst those lightshows harder and faster soon.

Keep having fun! Loving the Festival of Legends so far <3

I don’t think this belongs in “Website Feedback”…