Latest Update 16/12/2020

I found a visual bug while I was playing Arena.
When my opponent killed my cards , they would reappear either on my turn or on his.
This happened with the following cards:
1)Darkmoon Dirigible
2)Fleethoof Pearl Tusk

I am hereby reporting a bug since patch 19.2 I’ve had minions die on field that re-rez taking up a space on the board which in turn takes up a space too place another minion there. This happening in standard ladder

Oh, so it’s not just a visual bug after all. Thanks for replying!

There is a known visual issue with corrupted minions:

I tested it again.
It’s only a visual bug since I had 8 cards in play.

I cant use the 2. and 3. item in duels since the update. I choose them but in my deck i always get the 1.