Latest Patch Issue: Cards Disappearing from Saved Decks

2 days and the problem still exists, and it’s the weekend so I guess Blizzard likes a lot of Pissed off customers, just before a new set launch not wise Blizzard.

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I have the exact same issue. Cars disappearring from decks. Same on PC and iPhone. My other concern : I created cards thinkg I was missing them.

Same issue, the deck manager removes all of my golden copies if I only have 1 of 2. I’m not sure about if I have both golden copies.

I am having the same problem. Every time I reconnect, no matter if it is pc or android, I have to open whatever deck I want to use several times in the deck editor.

Each time I open and reclose the deck editor, one more card shows up in my deck. The worst is a paladin deck with 8 cards missing, so I have to open the deck editor 8 times to use the deck. I tried clearing the cache and everything, no help.

I have the same issue on Android and PC. When I open the game my saved decks tell me I’m missing all of my golden copies of cards, but also says that the card is in use in the deck. You can remove the ‘missing card’ from the deck and then readd the golden copies to fix the deck, but it breaks again when you restart the game.

I have the same problem. It seems that if one has a golden card and a normal one to make the 2 cards limit per deck it just recognises one of them. That is one has to have either 2 gold or two normal, not one of each.
I hope they fix this bug quickly since many cards I do not have in both golden and normal versions, nor i wish to spend dust on it.

I was hoping to see a blue post from someone at Blizzard with an ETA for a fix for this. Maybe they don’t see comment threads unless is as XXX,XXX amount of replies

There is already a sticky at the top of the forum:

I have the same problem!

Now the cards are completely gone, not just ghosted. One of my decks suddenly has just 3/30. Literally only 3 cards in the list!!! Other cards just done, no idea what they were!

Same here losing cards randomly since this patch. One deck even gone to 0/30. I don’t know what happened to my collection. How can you play a CCG that doesn’t take care of your collection. Time money and love invested… and now they gone. What does Blizzard (representative) say?

I’ve been going over the situation here and I am truly sad to say that there isn’t much else we Game Masters can recommend here. Our tools were never designed to investigate a Hearthstone collection in enough detail to verify losses of this nature, nor are our tools capable of recovering those cards directly.

Your update… your mess… our problem?

Thanks… goodbye hearthstone.


Yeah I still can’t play any of my decks with lost cards. Says that the deck isn’t valid. I don’t know but it’s starting to get extremely irritating :persevere:

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There is no Fireball nor Polymorph in my collection

Same problem. It seems like I had 2 normal and 2 Golden of the missing cards, and disenchant removed one of each? Now I have the same problem where when I log in all of my decks are unusable because of missing cards. Has anyone tried buying the normal and dusting the Golden to fix this?

Same problem. I’ve notice for the most part it shows card number missing but when I open that deck all the cards are there. The other part the card is missing with me doing anything while the number shows how many cards are missing. Slowly the red numbers are going away by themselves expect for one of my decks.

WHERE ARE MY CARDS !!! WTF :expressionless:

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I hate this about this game, i logged on having the game lose 5 cards i earned by getting with disenchantment dust. At first i thought the update removed them but i just finished a match against someone with one of my cards.

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OMG. i feel your pain bro/sis, i am missing like 30% of my entire card collection and have been trying so many ways to fix it but none of them work. What kind of bug is this Blizzard? Answer!

If you guys are talking about the special cards that were temporarily returned from Wild into Standard and that everyone got a temporary copy of, then please see this post:

If it’s about other cards, I suggest opening a support ticket. Nobody here can access your account data.

Yeah I just logged in after being off for the weekend and the same damn thing … been using these cards since I got the game and now there gone :frowning:

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