Lady Vashj Battlegrounds Hero not working with Greta Gold Gu

Pretty much what the topic states. Lady vashj passive power clearly states that the first spell you play is permanent. This works for every spell I have tried, except the greta gold gun “make a minion golden” spell, which promptly disappears after each turn despite it being the first spell I cast.
At the very LEAST there should be a disclaimer about how this works. Not only does it not work, but it consumes the opportunity to cast something the actually sticks. Its absolutely game losing when you build a strategy around something that is clearly explained and doesn’t work. Lavalurker works just fine with the greta-gold gun interaction, so I am certain this must be some kind of bug.


I also had a bug like this happen to me while I was playing Illidan. I had a Greta and was swapping the gold-gun spellcraft across 2 lava lurkers that I had to try to even their stats out to make the most of Illidan’s passive and buddy. I didn’t realize until the end of the game and checking my last warband stats that only one of my lava lurkers remained golden after using a gold-gun on it.