Kurtrus Ashfallen killed by Reckoning

Kurtrus was immune, but still killed by Reckoning, or has the definition of “immune” been changed?
Also, Kurtrus can attack the same minion twice if there is only one enemy minion. This must be a bug, because the minion can’t be left of other minions or right of any other minions because there aren’t any other minions.

immune means it cant take any damage nor can it be targeted, reckoning doesnt deal damage nor does it target

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Immune means it can not be damaged or killed on that turn, or for however long the immunity lasts.

Immune does not and has never prevented characters from being killed outright. It only prevents damage and direct targeting, which makes it much less likely that your opponent is able to kill it. Non-targetted destroy effects can still affect immune characters.

Note the immune keyword description when highlighting a card in-game says “Immune characters can’t be damaged”. It doesn’t state that immune characters can’t die.

Edit: also, to respond to something mentioned in the original post, Kurtrus attacking the same minion twice when there’s only one on the board is also not a bug. In fact he originally used to only attack once in that case, but Blizzard specifically identified that as a bug and fixed it in this patch:

20.0.1 Server Patch


So you are admitting they changed the meaning of “immune” to fit how they want it to work in the game. It’s very counterintuitive.

many words in games have specific meanings aside from what they literally mean outside of the game

I dont think the immune effect ever negated not directly targeted/random/AoE effects that can destroy a minion

You can’t target immune minions? I never knew that, I’ve definitely killed them with spells before but I guess they weren’t targeted ones.

Which is contrary with their stated game design of being easy for new players. I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I don’t think it makes any sense, so I don’t know how a new player would agree with it.

is still the same

i think you misread reckoning and thought the secret deals damage to the minion
or youve been playing another game with a different mechanic with the same name