Kizi Copperclip always appears as next encounter

See title. Kizi Copperclip always appears to be the next encounter, regardless of what appears, even if the next encounter is the bartender.


Same with me, though it’s happened on 2 runs so far and while the starting portrait has been different, that same portrait shows as every upcoming encounter.
First run, it was Marie Loom showing for every encounter, this time it’s Kizi.

Just want too echo that this is how it’s been for me as well. Kizi announced as my opponent every single time.

i keep getting marie loom aswell. a few people have reported the same issue. hopefully it gets fixed soon, along with the rest of the bugs this patch brought.

Similar here, but for my current priest run of Chapter 2l, it always shows Linzi Redgrin as the boss on every Challenge/Play screen. The real boss is there (incl. bartender) once the game starts.

Hi all,

This is known, as stated here:

Hey, just a heads up to help (?) with rooting this one out:

Kizi just changed for me mid-run to the treant-summoning boss, after I finished a barkeep event. I started another run and the displayed encounter (chapter 1) is still stuck as the treant boss.

Hope this might help.