Kham is so dumb

Dumbest boss ever. Literally has stealth the entire fight, fought him for my whole deck ending with 10 turns left of stealth… just not fun at all


Every time I have seen him he hardy ever is in stealth both on heroic and normal.

You just give him anything to attack even your hero and he vary quickly used up all his weapons. Hell you can just toss out minions and he will kill himself attacking them.

He’s a easy boss.

If he gets the wep that gain duribilty when he plays another classes card all you do is keep your board to one or two so he attacks them with his hero vs playing a card and he will destroy that wep. His ai is super bad to the point he dosent know how to not attack or to cast his non class spells first to maintain his wep.

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He attacked every turn, we played like 60 turns, and he never once was able to be attacked


I seriously never lost to this guy … because he keeps on removing your minions with his weapons. His hero power BLOWS compared to most heroic bosses.

Really can’t agree with you there, OP :-/

He dosent have enough weps to attack every turn for 60 turns.

Sounds like you dint keep your board clear or low on minions to prevent him from playing non class cards when cutlass was out. Making him keep it that’s you not playing around him not the boss being bad.

The ai sucks he will keep attacking even if the wep will be destroyed and he won’t waste non class cards just to renew the wep. You gave him value on those class cards so he used and kept his wep as a bonus don’t give him value.

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He literally played one or morenon-class card every single turn. My deck was absolutely busted and there was nothing I could do.

Hope this happens to you so you can see. He literally attacked every turn and still ended at 10 durability on that weapon.


I actually lost to him the other day. He started getting things like Malorne and Catrina Muerte and then brought them back with Tess. It was frightening.


I once made the mistake of getting him down to 1 health while I had no Taunts. Without being able to attack my minions without dying, he always went face with his weapons, making it so all I could do was sit there and watch myself die.

The whole idea of an invincible boss that’s only beatable because he keeps attacking your minions is an incredibly flawed idea.


I do agree, he is incredibly annoying WHEN he gets to play his game. He doesn’t actually always hit your minions, he goes face when you have high attack minions with an unlimited durability weapon. Without any taunts, you just have to wait out his entire durability and go into fatigue for him to die. I literally died to fatigue when he still have weapon durability. What a joke of a boss. Huge waste of time.

This is the literally the MOST unfun way to lose. Losing because you literally can’t do anything. He needs to be reworked to remove Spectral Cutlass but give him other weapon buffs instead, like Captain Greenskin/Upgrade.


Oh yeah. The boss isnt super hard, he is one of the easier bosses, but his design is so nonsense. You cant attack him when he has a weapon? What? Even when my deck is good and he poses no threat, I still have to sit there for 5 minutes and wait for him to stop playing weapons… Some of the bosses in this adventure have some super unfun designs.


Just wanted to say that I totally agree with you. I just lost to him in very frustrating game where I could do absolutely nothing. I had him down to 5 hp but then he had 16 turns of stealth with Spectral Cutlass and he just highrolled me to death on the board with insane value from from generated cards whilst I could not close the game.


Yea he can just become completely invincible forever at any given moment. It’s totally broken!

Currently fighting this dude on Heroic Level 3, and he’s been stealthed w/ the same weapon for about 25 turns now. Plays academic espionage and has an endless supply of other class cards to give his Spectral Cutlass unlimited durability.

Haven’t been able to touch him since turn 5.

Cutlass got up to a durability of 12 as the highest, never had to replace it.

Finally am about to beat him w/ fatigue WHILE HE’S STILL STEALTHED. Horribly broken boss, thank god for Addarah and getting 4 copies of it to refill my deck since he had almost an endless supply of other class cards to keep him stealthed.

He attacked every turn (my board was filled the entire game), he just never broke stealth. Fatigue damage and getting high damage taunt targets finally did it. Very broken and annoying fight though.

He literally killed himself by attacking my mob, I think he was done with the fight as well.

He can steal Adara (I can’t remember how, but he did it). After that he’s impossible to defeat.

He’s either a pushover or impossible, sort of like Caverns Rogue back in the day.

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He attacked like twice in the very First two turns. Then he refused to attack anymore for the rest of the game and kept his weapons. I ve just died of farigue with an ultra strong deck.

It was heroic mode.