Keep in mind... the devs play tested this and "thought it was fine"

Think about that.

Now why do you think they released DH as is, even after play testing it?

$$$$$$$. People purchase bundles to play those exciting new powerful DH cards, then they’ll nerf it after people spent their money.

There’s simply no other explanation.

They KNEW this was busted and released it anyway. There’s no way they didn’t know.


make money quickly, discard the good stuff later, obviously
sick of this boring, stupid and lame joke of a game state they call “release-able”

show me their “playtesting” team, i really would like to know whos in there. they digust me greatly. they just twiddle their thumbs for months and not doing their job. any competent player can tell you in an hour maximum that this class is bonkers nuts

and get this, it’s the best class in wild!! holy bleeping crap


they probably have the date for the balance patch they just didnt decide what they would nerf

releasing the expansion and wait how the meta turns out probably helps with choosing the cards to balance

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Runeterra’s releasing on mobile in a couple of weeks!


I don’t know. It’s hard for me not to be cynical about the state of this game these days and what the devs are thinking when they release some of these cards. After one day, this expansion is already at the top of my list for worst ever.

How is it an interesting meta where the sole purpose of constructing a meta deck is to counter demon hunter?

Classes that can’t counter the deck shouldn’t even be played on ladder frankly. While people are saying (rightfully) that play rates for DH are high because it’s new, if you’re interested in ranking, why would you stop playing it? They are powerful decks.

All in all, pretty awful job on this expansion in my view so far. I anticipate balance changes coming so we’ll see where that leaves us.


It’s been the same for the last couple of expansions.

Developers trying to maximize profits and then faking ignorance about balance.

‘Interesting, thanks for the player feedback guys. 24 damage OTK does seem a bit OP. We weren’t able to figure this out after 4 months of playtesting, but you guys figured it out after 2 minutes. Good job.’


The thing is, this isn’t a Hearthstone exclusive problem. WoW has always suffered from poor balance. SC2 was Year of the Zerg last year. OW has had a good amount of poor balancing. HotS…isn’t too bad by comparison but they’ve had issues, especially when introducing OW characters into the game.

Whatever the problem is with balancing Blizz games, it comes from above the HS team. Seems the core strategy of how Blizz balances their games is an issue.


24 ?

what ???

We’re you meaning to reply to me or someone else here?
Edit - coincidentally, I did take exactly 24 to the face in a game yesterday!


He meant to reply to me, he’s a Blizzard apologist who is trying to nitpick that OTK can’t be 24 damage.


as zeddy the streamer said, this whole class needs to be taken out of ladder into maintenance and needs to be completely reworked. and take your time doing it, we’ll understand. just for christs sake make the game enjoyable


The second explanation could’ve been simply incompetence. Just because they’re developers, it doesn’t mean they’re actually good at the game.

However, the class and cards of the expansion were playtested by various streamers, YouTubers and some current or former pro-players. There is no way all, or even most of them, thought that the cards were fine like that. Team 5 could’ve done at least some small nerfs to some cards before launch.

But at the same time I highly doubt they released the expansion in this state just to bait people out of their money. It’s kinda pointless when the class and half of its cards are unlocked for free.


whos that one?

first time i see this name

just search zeddy hearthstone on youtube, he reached rank 1 legend before. i’d say hes pretty competent

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The game has been fair and balance since release. Don’t know why every expansion they nerf. The game is heavily tested and fair and balanced no reason that every single expansion since the game came out of beta even Classic that they had to nerf. It only got worse when they started power creeping the hell out of the game. Now we have people expecting day 1 nerfs and we get nerfs within the first week. How about you make the game balanced instead of relying on the nerf bat every single time a new card is added. This isn’t a card game its a weird PVP deathmatch game that instead of battle royal or teams you can only 1v1.


Can’t wait for them to nerf a bunch of rares and commons to make DH unplayable after people craft all the legendaries.


My sarcasm meter isn’t picking up anything. Scary.


A large chunk of the DH cards were free, many of which were the best ones. I think it is as usual a complete inability to predict the obvious that they consistently display rather than a money grab attempt lol. Still bad but not evil. Just ineptitude. I suspect we will get a nerf announcement sometime this week like we did with gala shaman.


it has always been an issue though: who believes is fair for 1 or 2 classes to be above all others for a period of time before another balance? at that point, why make a roster with multiple classes/characters/races? just make 1 or 2!

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Just ‘cycle’ classes every expac and be done with the charade.
That would mean they’d have to admit their incompetence, however.