June 2024 Bot-Ban Update

Since last month’s update, we’ve actioned nearly 642,000 additional accounts for botting. That is in addition to the bans we levied against players using cheating software to play illegal cards in Twist mode early in this season. We’ll continue regularly punishing these bad actors to make our Tavern a better place for all our real players.


642,000… my god… who has time for such a thing and why do they do this…? Whats the gain, i don’t understand

They don’t have the time, that’s why they bot.

The botted accounts go for money.

It’s good that you have blocked all these bots, but what exactly is the root cause? Is there a way to reduce the incentive to bot?

In my opinion, it’s time to remove the card grind. Everyone just uses bots to grind. This is the root of Blizzard’s entire survival system. You spend coins opening packs, open 100 packs to find one card, and you might not even find it. But you might find a thousand duplicates. Then you can buy a hundred packs and still not find cards, but get hundreds of duplicates. And you can use dust to buy a needed card. But the exchange rate is very unfair. And then you collect a card, and it gets nerfed so it’s no longer needed. Great.
The grind system is like in Destiny or Anthem and Warface. This is what breeds bots in all games with such a system. I started a second account, and I realized that it takes an insane amount of time and nothing changes. And the catch-up set softens the process but doesn’t change it. Considering that there are more expansions coming out that will lead to the same grind even on a new account, what’s the point? If you want to play with the right cards all the time, spend a lot of time. And to play on all classes, spend all your time or all your money, and maybe you’ll be able to have three decks worthy of Legend on all classes.
And who is the deck building system for? For whales? What is it that you need to have the cards to build decks? That is, to donate or live in the game. Not to mention that it is for players who play for an hour once every 3 days but love the game. This process simply becomes pay-to-win. Great. And indeed, where do so many bots come from? Sell textures, profiles, etc. everywhere. And make cards available to everyone, and compensate everyone who loses something with the same currency as for cards, but already for assembling skins and profiles. Work on customizing animations, profile chat, etc. If everything can be decorated. Effects from cards, weapons, etc. There will be no less donation if you do it beautifully. But then the rules for everyone will become truly fair

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I’ve never used bots and I abandoned my second account. Like many of my friends, I’ve started playing less instead of grinding. Many of my friends have simply given up on the game and the developers because of this system. It’s better to buy board games with cards in real life. And if I’m going to grind, it’s for my career and family, for real things, not for virtual cards, and then grind rating with those cards. It’s not even competitive. In Dota, you play for skill to compete in esports and earn money and fame. And you can do it with pleasure. This is the gold standard for esports and conditionally free games. No one has been able to surpass it in terms of rules and stability. But here it’s just a mess. Because yes, I see that people are making a good game. But the company loves money more than people. They could have come up with other ways to monetize the game a long time ago and make everyone equal.

I haven’t faced many real players. Every single player is either random names with random decks, or names with a color and an animal “RougeRhino” or “BlueEagle” etc.

I’m really disappointed because I used to face actual opponents. This is just boring and annoying.

Botters like railgun#11625 and railgun#21724 are still around. YOU DON’T BAN BOTS!!! You lie!

so what…
You derezzed Duels so I don’t even have the game installed any longer…

Guess even blue posts aren’t read or moderated without a flag.

The Chinese bots are still here, Gnomesayin. Once more, No, bots do not get banned. Your company Lies!!