Jaina vs. The Lich King... Beaten!

Edit: It took a ton of restarts but I finally did it with Kabal Lackey, Mana Bind, tons of Taunts, and Platebreaker + a ping.

How in the heck am I supposed to beat him? From what I can tell it takes a god draw: Kabal Lackey and Counterspell in the opening hand and a doomsayer before turn 6. Even then he overwhelms me with bone mares, anti-magic shell, and more.

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Seeing this post you inspired me to try Jaina again. Somehow, I got Kiblers Grand Finale deck to work modified with Kabal Lackey and Counter Spell and one or two other wild cards.

Now, I need to do something for paladin, shaman, and warlock to complete the whole Frozen Thrones adventure

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Turn 1 oh my yogg means you can play pretty much any deck. I did it with hand buff.

Shaman was murloc swarms. Very easy. Beaten before turn 7 first try.

I don’t remember what I used for warlock.

Oops, I misremembered. Zerg with murlocs wasn’t this one but it works on most bosses. I used Corrupt the Waters for lots of healing and burst damage, plus earthquakes and tidal waves for board control. It ended up in fatigue with me winning because of the insane amount of healing I had.

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I was originally going to see if I could do it with my boar paladin, but after I started a match I learned that that was a bad strategy. I might see what I can do with hand buff. I only have one OMY in my collection, so trying to start the game with that will be about a tedious as mage.

Thanks for the ideas I will give them a try.

You can always concede after you see your draw on turn one. That’s what I did so I could get kabal lackey and mana bund in hand.

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Don’t know if this still works, but 1 strategy is to use Kobold Stickyfingers to steal Frostmourne, so it doesn’t get destroyed when all the Lost Souls are gone and the Lich King will be stuck unable to play cards and with a useless Hero Power, though it will also be permanently Immune. You can then use Mecha’thun to still get victory (just make sure you build a strategy that allows you to get rid of all other cards to meet Mecha’thun’s Deathrattle conditions, fortunately it doesn’t care if you have a weapon equipped)