Issue with Talented Arcanist

Talented Arcanist pluss Cram Session only draws one card when it should draw 3 with the spell damage.

Update: This issue is being fixed in the next patch!

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Are you sure that Cram Session was your next spell? Arcanist will bonus the next spell you play even if that spell doesn’t benefit from spell damage, like, say, The Coin.

Did you play The Coin before Cram Session? The Coin is a spell and would ‘use up’ Talented Arcanist’s effect.

I definitely did not

If you have a hsreplay or video, paste the link here surrounded by `backquotes` (or use the </> icon).

Can I upload a photo to the form?

You’ll need to upload it to somewhere like and paste the link here surrounded by `backquotes` (or use the </> icon).

Well thats inconvenient ill try it later.

It’d be difficult for a still shot (or even a series of them) to show the problem, since the issue is what exact sequence of events happened. A video would definitely be better.

Pictures of bug

Eh? Your picture shows that Cram Session says “Draw 3 cards” so it’s getting the Spell Damage bonus. Are you saying that it drew only one card in direct contradiction of its own card text? If so, that is definitely a bug.

tested it now and it draw 1 only even if text say 3 , i dont know if it was working in the past but the fix to garrote interaction can be the cause of this happening.

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I’m going to presume they’ve changed the card in a really spaghetti kind of way where it doesn’t work like Spell Damage anymore but simply a damage amplifier to a Spell played from your hand. Since Cram Session doesn’t deal damage, that means no extra draw.

Probably (but this is just speculation on my part), this also affects Unexpected Results. And possibly Arcane Blast’s damage may be 4 instead of 6.

unexpected result text was summon 2 random cost 4 minions , but summoned 2 cost 2 minion ( wild pyromancer & bloodsail howler) and … was a unexpected expected result.

edit2: image

  • puzzle box of yogg-saron works normal
  • arcane blast works normal , did 6 damage.