Is Varden Dawngrasp flurry bugged in Mercenaries?

I just fought Neeru Firebalde with a party including Dawngrasp, realized the flurry aoe does not hit the summoned demons. Is that a bug?


I’m experiencing this same behavior. Definitely seems like a bug to me.

Double-checked. It says deal damage to random “enemy mercs.” So I guess it is functioning as intended as those tokens aren’t mercs. As best I can tell, it is the only merc that has a damaging ability limited to other mercs as opposed to enemies generally. Not technically a bug, but probably a design oversight.

I’m experiencing the same issue with the Corrupted Ancient run. While this might not be a bug, since they aren’t “mercs” (I guess?), the Treants he summons never get targetted by flurry. It seemed weird enough for me to comment.

Doing the Felwood demons, and yes, it ignores the summoned demons and does nothing.

It’s intended that way so Dawngrasp prioritizes Mercs over their summons and also so the Merc isn’t too overpowered. Not a Bug at all.