Is it only pvp?

I’m a new player who somehow managed to beat 3 games to get here. I hate pvp with passion. Like I can’t even stand just the tough of playing against other players on a computer. Has this game any non pvp mode ?

Seems pathological to me. Microsoft has a nice Solitaire game.

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If you dislike pvp so much, HS probably is not the right game for you. There is some content, which can be played solo, but a) it’s not much compared to the other aspects and b) the solo content HS has, other games have as a better version (dungeon run, rogue lite)

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Thnx for response. I just wanted to check it out. I tough maybe it was locked or requiere addition purchase. Thank you

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u are playing the wrong game, go play Frogger on Atari

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Game has alot a pve content.
“mercs” and “solo adventures”.
Battlegrounds has a fixed timer.

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Dunno if the question is still actual, but one can play Mercenaries, for example, without the stress of PvP experience. Going completely F2P is probably even more fun that way, so no additional purchase, as you put it, required.

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There are actually a lot of single player modes which are really quite fun. For the first few years I played hearthstone I did nothing but play these as I didn’t want to play against other people. Eventually I grew to like it and do well but even if you do nothing but the solo adventures there’s a ton of content. Witch wood is probably my favorite.

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The monster hunt can be somewhat frustrating and not so fun, but as for the Hagatha fight — boy, I could do it nearly all day long.

There used to be a lot more PvE story mode options under Solo Adventures but they got removed. You might want to give battlegrounds a try, it feels kinda PvE due to the gameplay

There are some solo modes that can be bought with gold which you can grind for on ladder. There are some solo modes that can be had for free. There are a handful of co-op tavern brawl events.

For the most part though, yes, hearthstone is a competitive game.