IPad Pro doesn’t run Hearthstone properly


Just bought a new IPad Pro and I’ve been having major connection issues in game. I can’t get through a single turn without it dropping out.

I’m playing in my normal spot at home where I had absolutely no problems with my connection before. Been playing here for 3 plus years
I play on an IPhone X normally with no problems but now I cant play a single game on the IPad Pro

Just went back to my phone and got through a few games with no problem.

Playing off Wifi BTW with a 75mb DL speed and like i said never had an issue…

I’m seriously annoyed because I bought this IPad specifically for Hearthstone and it doesn’t work

What’s the go?

Edit 9 hours later

You guys need to look into a hot fix for the IPad Pro asap because it’s completely unplayable right now.

Opens the app fine
Everything in the menus,collection etc is fine.

In game. Can’t play a card without it dropping out, have to wait for the game to realise I’ve lost connection. 20 seconds has passed try to play another card it repeats the process. My opponents turns are similar that the game just drops in and out without any knowledge on my end besides their not touching their cards or the hero doesn’t do anything for their whole turn.
Then it’s says the same message you have lost connection into reconnecting to your game.

I’ve tried at different times of day to see if it’s on my end… my phone still works perfectly fine…

It’s the IPad Pro that cant handle it 100%

2nd edit:

Hello?? What’s the point of coming to tech support when there’s no support? 2 days not even an acknowledgement of ok, we think this is the issue we’re working on it, or we’re not sure why it’s crashing…



Same here. Disconnects at least once or twice EVERY single one of my turns. iPad Pro. And yes, other than hearthstone, internet works great. Also, fwiw, am only having this issue on the iPad. When I used an iPhone with same OS version (latest, of course), zero issues.


You should have learned by now that Blizzard has no customer support. We probably not pay them enough money or I don’t know what. I took them 5 years to even allow Hearthstone to run on Macbooks in full resolution. It took them 6 months to do the same on Ipad Pro only to break the support in first next patch and it is still not fixed now.