iPad broken card interactions

There was a bug report that someone else submitted looks like back in 2020. I came across it because it’s been the same exact issue I’m encountering on my iPad. I have a friend on a newer model iPad also experiencing the exact same issue. The only other mobile play I tested is on my Samsung phone and the touch/drag interactions are flawless. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled/troubleshoot etc. The fact it’s happened on 3 different types of iPads seems to indicate the problem is with the game itself, not so much the actual device, especially since other games/apps on my iPad don’t have these problems.

Here’s the description from that bug report in 2020:

“I touched on the card, and attempted to drag it to my opponent’s face, but i could not complete the action; the targeting arrow disappeared just below the opponent’s face and the card snapped back to my hand. I tried several times to drag the card away from my hand and into the play field, and the same thing happened. Same thing happens when attempting to drag my minions to targets upon attacking. It was like trying to pull on a rubber band that kept snapping back.”

It doesn’t happen on each match, just randomly, but frustrating enough no doubt. Has anyone else run into this?