iOS: Low-resolution assets for card frames

The card frame assets / images on iOS seem to be low-resolution versions.

Some details:

  • Only the ‘old’ frames are affected: The nine original classes, and the golden card frames. Demon Hunter and dual-class card frames are high resolution.
  • Only card frames seem to be low-res. The actual image and text are high-res.
  • Tested on several iPhones and iPads. App is up to date, and background asset download is complete

See this image of card pack opening for reference:

To prevent references to different topics: This is not about a blurry screen, it is just about some of the card frames. The rest of the game is displayed properly in high-resolution.

I would really appreciate to get an answer on this issue. Though not game-breaking, it is really sad to have the cards displayed not properly in a game focusing on cards.

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Has this been addressed at all? This is still a problem 1 year later.

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No, nothing changed. Really sad, given that the cards are quite expensive, would be nice if they would at least not look bugged.