In game suggestions


I know this is not website feedback but i was unsure where to suggest this, I was wondering if some card backs can have a comeback, in the way of selling them on the shop and purchasing them with in game gold if not that gaining them through quests or in game events. Thank you for your time if you read this. :slight_smile:


For your information, ShadowDragon - you are not the first one to suggest this so Blizzard is already aware that the desire exists in the community. I believe (talking from memory) that they even have already stated that they are looking into the options.

One issue that they will need to consider is that there are also people in the community that are opposed to the suggestion. For instance, consider a cardback that was unlocked by achieving rank 20 in one of the first seasons of Hearthstone. Some people wear that as a badge of honor, to show the world how long they are already involved with the game. And they feel that allowing newer players to buy that same card back will ruin the special value of that cardback.

So while offering cardbacks for purchase would satisfy SOME players (and increase cashflow for Blizzard), it also risks alienating OTHER players (and reducing the cashflow from those customers). In other words, both from a “what’s best for our players” as well as from a “what’s best for our bottom line” point of view, the proposal is complicated.