Improvement Suggestion for Practice Mode

When was the last time you played in Practice Mode? Probably a long time ago when you were a new player learning the game. After that it’s just pointless. Even at “expert” difficulty it feels not much of a challenge. I wonder if a really good player could reach Legend with one of those decks. But the main thing is that it’s all just super basic stuff and not what you actually then play against later. So it’s not a real training mode as the name “Practice Mode” would suggest.

Improvement suggestion: Let us choose one of our decks for the AI to play.

My main reason for this suggestion by the way is actually to have games similar to “normal games” but with the big difference that I can pause (or technically that there’s no turn timer). Sometimes it would be nice to just be able to pause and continue the game however I need it but obviously you can’t have that in multiplayer. And for single player… well, I would love a new single player adventure like those dungeon run adventures, but even then I would sometimes really just like a “normal game” but with the ability the pause whenever I feel like it.

I think this would be an easy to implement improvement that would make this mode more relevant and actually played. I mean it’s still a place where a completely new player will learn the very basics, but I think it could easily be more than that. An actual Practice Mode where you can test out decks to some limited extent and also for people to just have some fun playing the game when they don’t wanna be on a time constraint.

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