If a nerf is coming, what would it be?


If I wanted to play solely to beat hunters, I’d just play a rogue all day.

However, I’m sorry, I don’t netdeck. I’d rather lose playing with my own deck with the class that I like than googling a deck and just vomit my hand for a cheap victory.


Glad to hear that. Have a beautiful day and I hope you’ll have more success in life than in Hearthstone!


The real problem is warrior, not hunter. Warrior is suffocating all the other interesting control decks ideas. A nerf to hunter would do nothing but make people stop playing hunter. Everything else would be the same. A nerf to warrior would open the playing field.


Bomb mechanic are too powerful when combine with how many of them.

Probably nerf Mecha Goblin and Wenchaliber a little bit would be nice, I think made it put a different type of bomb in to your deck that deal different dmg ,for example mech goblin and weapon bomb dealt 3 dmg instead of 5.

Also mad genius need some adjustment . I think instead of rush aura , made his battlecry give rush to mech in deck instead. I think it still powerful but at least tone down his power from Delivery Drone and Omega assembly a bit.

For Boommaster…he himself is not a problem. Boom bot he summon is. Made that he summon 1 for each bomb instead would be nice…But it also way too harsh of a nerf for the main point of the deck so ehhh. Maybe boombot deal 1-2 dmg instead.


Preparation, Raiding Party, Archivist and EVIL Miscreant. My guess…


NAILED IT :open_mouth: