I lost (most of) my gifted dust

So I got 7600 dust when i logged in an hour ago. My total dust was 7765 (ya im poor). I didn’t spend any b/c i was gonna wait for the nerfs. I logged out 20 minutes ago for 10 minutes to eat some cereal and when I logged back in, I only had 1375 dust. I played a match and relogged again, and still 1375 dust. GIVE ME BACK MY DUST BLIZZARD!

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it’s more like you gave back blizzard’s dust


no they owed it to me, just like the government owes me my student loan debt


I was happy with the free dust and crafted the last missing legendary from my handlock deck. Had 4800 dust left, and poof. Nothing now. At least I kept the card.

Edit: but honestly, would it have been THAT much of an issue had they let some players get 4 legendaries worth of dust?

The way they probably see it is:

40 packs/$50: guaranteed one legendary.

8000 dust: is 5 legendaries.

They’re losing $250 dollars you could have been spending.

Too bad they already lost 50$ from me, then. :smiling_imp:


Except that it’s not how it works since many players wouldn’t have spent the 250 in the first place.

And giving dust to someone and removing it shorty after will actually give an incentive to most player NOT to buy products.

I lost every bit of my dust. They took all of it they gifted (5600 twice for 11200). I never spent any of it.

So, something isn’t right. I am definitely due for dust.

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If they let you have it, they would have angered everybody who did not receive it. TBH somebody receiving 10k dust while others none is not fair to the rest of playerbase.

Do you know if you had any real extra uncraftable card?
(2x golden uncraftable aren’t extra, but 3x or 4x are)

My guess is that they refunded also the legit uncraftable cards: it seems strange to me that so many people had golden duplicates of these specific cards, they aren’t easy to find

Still have the uncraftable duplicates and, all the dust they gave me is gone. Like this game, but not sure how much longer I can keep playing getting screwed over like this! I recently opened over 40 packs, btw, and despite what I read about the algorithm, not a single legendary.

You’re right about players feeling like they don’t want to support.

I’m actually a whale. I have most of the cards so it doesn’t really matter to me …BUT I really don’t want to support after all this.

The least they could do is treat costumers better. I will feel little sympathy when financial reports are down.