I had an epiphany about a midnight wolf

Common · Minion · Showdown in the Badlands · Rush Outcast: Summon a copy of this.

This card, probably a few years ago I would think is bonkers broken, 12 stats for 6 mana.

Today I’m debating whether the card is even playable.

That’s how much power creep has crept. Incredible.

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I got 3 of those suckers in a DH arena run right now at 2-0 an they put in work like good doggo’s :dog2: lol.


It’s actually not the worst possible discover from illidari studies in gunslinger decks, it’s definitely won me a couple games (esp vs paladin). Would never actually include it a constructed deck tho.

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Make it a Battlecry and it would see play even today.

Outcast is the problem.