I am pretty much only fighting death knights

Yeah the title says it all, i rarely see any other class let alone deck. The DK deck is the same every single time and at this point its getting pretty boring. Is this just the new player experience or is this like normal?


What rank are you playing at and which deck are you seeing the most?

rank 16 (with the little frog portrait) and i see the same deck every time, anti magic shell, lord marrowgar, the board fill with ghoul charges and all the other minions are the same. From my experience i constantly board clear and start to win with a full board and they have no cards. they play lord marrowgar and i instantly lose because they have like 30 corpses.

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That’s unholy death knight.
Strong deck undoubtedly. It’s fast and furious with some big end game plays.

Without knowing what your current collection looks like, I can’t really offer a suggestion other than to ask what you’re playing currently?

Mostly mage and paladin

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I’ll get back to you tomorrow with some ideas . :smile_cat:

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Have you tried aggro paladin? It’s pretty aggressive, you can run it without the legendaries if you don’t have them. Hs replay has some deck ideas but it’s inexpensive,
Another option is to fight fire with fire, use unholy aggro death knight to burst down your opponents fast. That deck is mostly free cards or commons and rares. Again hs replay will have decks.

As a new player I know they push mage from the get go. You should be able to climb to bronze with the ideas I suggested!