HS on Mac, fan comes on, then causes system to go to Sleep

Since the 19.0 patch, HS has started causing my Mac to go to Sleep. I’m running vesion on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5 on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014). I have tried Repair and Reinstall via the Battlenet client, and also reducing other processes on the Mac. It is persisting despite this, restarts, and setting HS to low quality graphics.

This problem happens only when running HS, and happens in Tavern Brawl, Ranked Play, and Battlegrounds. It also happens when in the new Journal when clicking through achievements (that last one is the most reliable way to reproduce the bug).

I have tried other programs on my Mac that make heavy use of GPU and memory but it only happens when playing HS.

Pls help, because HS is unusable for me until this problem is fixed.


Hey pwnstar,

I have the same issue with HS on my Mac, I’ve created this Thread a day ago.

I did not try Battleground since the patch 19.0.0, but I can say that playing multiple Ranked/Duel games in a row make my fans running high speed.
I have to close mostly all other application to play HS.

But from what I’ve seen, the Journal is the worse issue, as it trigger the CPU usage with no reason.

May I suggest you to install either Fanny or MenuMeters on your Mac, and set it to display the CPU temperature?
This will give you a good idea when you reach the high CPU temperatures.
Fanny can also provide you the targeted Fan speed.

My advises:

  • Reduce all other Apps on your Mac
  • Avoid to play long games (this may include Battleground)
  • Keep an eye on the CPU temperature and FAN speed.
  • When it’s too high, just take a break on the menu for couple of minutes, to let your CPUs cool down.
  • And the most important, NEVER open the Journal before to play, CPU will get so high, that you will have to wait before to play.

I hope you will be able to play some games, and that Blizzard team will fix the Issue ASAP.

@Akinaux I’m not sure we’re having the same issue. It sounds like you’re experienceing high CPU temps and the fan. For me, it goes beyond that and my iMac is suddenly going to Sleep. When I wake it, HS is still running, but then it goes back to Sleep again shortly after.

I can only reproduce this in Hearthstone. My iMac passes all the diagnostics, and is otherwise working perfectly.

When this problem happens in HS, there is no warning: the screen suddenly goes black, and within about 20-30 seconds, the Mac goes to Sleep.

As I said I have tried repairing and reinstalling Battle.net and Hearthstone with no improvement. I’ve also tried zapping PRAM and checking my disks with Disk Utility. All indications are that this is a Hearthstone bug that started happening after Patch 19.

We’re not aware of any issue that should cause this problem. Along with resetting the PRAM, did you reset the SMC as well?

If you have, could you provide an SPX files over to techinfo@blizzard.com under the subject, ATTN: Caterpepi - HS Sleep [44777]? Once sent, please respond back to this thread.

This inbox is not monitored and will not send responses. It’s used to collect information for Technical Support to assist in troubleshooting.

Hi @Caterpepi,

I’ve collected my SPX files and also took some screenshots of the Activity Monitor & Fan speed. All sent to the techinfo@blizzard.com email.

From what I can see the main issue is the CPU & GPU utilisation which increase the inside temperature and push the Fan to run full speed.

Let me describe the screenshots (timestamps in AEST TZ):

  • “Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.42.47 am” - Showing CPU/GPU usage + temperature after running Hearthstone since a couple of minutes in the main menu
  • “Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.49.38 am” - Showing my HS graphic setting during a game
  • “Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.49.49 am” - Showing CPU/GPU usage + temperature during a game - then concede the game
  • “Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.52.10 am” - Showing CPU/GPU usage + temperature after opening the Journal since 1 minute. (GPU usage increased, high Temperature & Fan running at max speed)
  • “Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.52.28 am” - Showing CPU/GPU usage + temperature after closing the journal (CPU/GPU usage & temperature dropped, Fan still running high)
  • “Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 10.53.00 am” - Showing CPU/GPU usage + temperature 30 secondes after closing the Journal (CPU/GPU & temperature dropped, Fan slowing down)

I did not reset the SMC and/or PRAM as the main issue seems to be related to the load from the game itself.

You laptop goes to sleep, when it’s overheating too much trying to protect the component fro high temperature. This is usually related with high CPU/GPU activity and the fans running at full speed not able to drop the temperature.
As the laptop goes to sleep, all running applications will be restored when restarting your laptop. If you don’t allow enough time for the inside temperature to drop, you will face the same problem again and again.

Please be aware that every time that your laptop goes to sleep to protect itself, this also means that component may start to be damaged.
I’m playing with Low graphical details, not running Full screen to keep an eye on the temperature.
I will suggest you to reduce the graphic details if you have set some higher value, and avoid playing too much and to monitor the temperature and fan speed as describe in my first comment.
I hope that can help you to play some games without damaging your laptop.

@Caterpepi - SPX file sent as requested. I am able to use HS on a different computer (MBP) with no issues. This issue only happens on my iMac, but that’s my system of choice for playing HS.

@Akinaux - ty for the suggestions. I’ve tried running HS at the lowest graphic settings, windowed, with fewer apps open, etc, and the problem is still happening.

Issue still present with HS patch

Laptop is overheating when in the Journal (or even with some special visual animations on the home screen during events).
Could you please provide a way to disable the event visual animations, and fix the Journal which is not playing any specific visual animations in foreground.