How to ignore a forums user?


The old forums had this feature, albeit cookie-based (meaning you had to re-do the ignores on every new browser or PC).

Cannot find it here. What gives? Thanks!


You cannot silence me with cookies. No matter how good they taste.


Not sure about a way to completely hide a user’s posts, but you can hide notifications about specific users in your account settings.


You cannot block people on the “new” and “better forums”.

Sadly, the new Heavily censored forums are chained to only positive posts as i found out. You cannot block trolls. And if you call them out, they force your post to be removed. Blizzard encourages trolling as it turns out, especially since they give no way to deal with them…dispite them always saying in their games that you should mute other players…


That’s not true.
I have called out lots of trolls on these new forums. I have never had a post removed.

Perhaps it has to do with the way you call out the trolls? Inappropriate language IS reportable, as are real life threats.