How to earn gold now?


In the update i read the following:

You’ll receive 150 gold for every level you climb beyond level 50.

Does this mean you will not earn any gold as long as you are below level 50 and after that its 150 gold/level.
I am not sure how long it takes for a level to complete but doesnt this look like it will be very difficult to earn actual gold?
Yes you get other rewards like packs and such but if you are only interested in earning gold (to buy the battlepass) then wouldnt this make it much more difficult to do so or am i missing something?

Hmm maybe i missed something,i guess you also earn gold for the levels before lvl 50?

Calm down first of all take a deep breath and relax.

So you’ll get gold for certain levels and free booster packs and at level 10 you get a free card back based on the current set. Every level after 50 automatically grants 150 gold as your only ‘loot’ every new set creates a new track and rewards and resets all players tracks. Now this reset does not count for "set boosters’ like the 35 cards we’ll get with this set The Darkmoon Faire


theres are 50 rewards between one and 50. some of the rewards are gold. In those instances of gold rewards, its a bundle of a couple hundreds. the rest of the time the reward could be a pack, a random card of a set rarity, a tavern ticket or some cosmetic item like card back or portrait

once you get those 50 rewards, reward 51 to however much you can manage will be 150g.