How is an attack procing a counter attack

Trying to figure out counterattack mechanics and no wiki’s are even helpful for HS. I get attacked by an enemy with “Counter Attack”, and they counter their own attack. This Seems like a weird bug or just horrible design. Being passive to build up for multiples knowing the first attack will be countered makes sense, but the other side attacks and then counters their own attack against me.

Trying to see the light…but this just not making any sense

I’m sorry, could you describe what exactly happened? Because I’m not understanding it from your post. What was your opponent? What minions were on the board? Who attacked?

Playing in solo, fighting Mother Shahraz. When she attacks, it uses Hero skill passive saying when attacked it will counter attack. Her attack (even if she takes no damage, is considered a counter and she gets a second strike.

Well, it’s not a bug. The Hero Power does say “each turn”. Also, it’s a final boss. They’re supposed to be hard.

I have to disagree with SuddenReal. Her Hero Power is “The first time you are damaged each turn, prevent it and counterattack!”.
If I understand you correct, you claim that she counterattacks when she would have taken no damage. That would be incorrect. Her Hero Power should only activate when she would otherwise have taken damage.

If you have screenshots of this interaction, or (better yet) a link to the game on hsreplay, then I suggest reporting a bug at the bug report forum (, with links to those screenshots and/or replays.