How Hero Powers Are Now

Hero Powers are gone, humans. All that’s left is play-on-Hero Powers, and that belongs to pay walls.

Hero Powers don’t work for players because they have; it’s because they want them to

I’m sorry but that’s what Hero Powers are now.

Can you share whatever you on? It seems like it hits hard. You not making any sense, but you sound like you make sense to you. I feel there is like a paragraph of missing words per “sentence” we got.

yeah, grammar, hard to understand. clarity = hero powers are outdated in the game now, unless you use play-on hero powers by investing in the game → no casual hp → full on invest to have an competitive side → hero powers are not hero powers → hero powers are weaknesses when played → hero powers are almost like forfeiting.

Yes, grammar can be hard sometimes. But I believe in you.

This didnt really give much clarity, Im afraid. It seems like you are making 2 different claims, [A:] Some Hero Powers are outdated unless [B:] You must invest money into the game . Im sorry to say but it doesnt matter how many skins or board or finishers or perks you pay for, it won;t update any hero powers that are out of date. Those two claims unfortunately have nothing to do with each other and B will not affect A.

Do you mean passive? Because many heroes have passive hero powers. A lot seemingly have no power at all which I find to be an issue itself. Im not sure what you mean by casual.

Well, here’s an example of Free to Play versus Pay to Play in the real world and Ill let you compare it to this game afterwards.

Throwing a football around with your friends is free to play, any time you have a ball and enough people, free to play all day. However any competitive variant of the game, even little league or school football, is not free. You must pay for your uniforms, your helmets, your pads, many times your transportation, and depending on your area, even pay to be on the team at all in addition to the previous.

SO there is a barrier to overcome, a paywall, if you will, if you wish to go from throwing around the ball for free with friends, to being in a competitive version of the game that is taken seriously.

A cannot equal Not A. I dont understand what you mean by this unless its my previous point how some heroes just dont really have a power at all. Not even a passive one. Looking at you AFKay and Mr Bigglesworth.

The only ones I know of that could fit this are the ones that get more expensive the more you use them, or the ones that trade life as a currency to use them. I just dont play these, lol, problem solved.

I concede about 8 out of 10 matches right away because of the 2 heroes being offered arent fun for me, or more recently, if i keep getting the same anomaly over and over. Its not a big deal at all.

I guess we have that mirrored belief in each other then. Cool. :slight_smile:

You know what I mean. You stated it as me making 2 claims.

No, I mean there is only detrimental Hero Powers that are a detriment to having a good chance at winning when they are used. By “casual,” I meant “relaxed and unconcerned”.


Hero Powers are not heroic in definition, and they are barely even a “quality” act of the game without making them instead to something better.

Life Tap (at least from the past) (would like to have a word with you?)

Oh, lol. I was talking about regular ranked play with the usual 30 card decks (and 10 max card hands). Sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant Wild, Twist I think, Casual, and Standard. Hero Powers have never gotten better, but Draw has, Discover has, generating has, Taunt has, etc. So much has gotten better in Hearthstone, but Hero Powers (the 2 mana for each Class ones, except Demon Hunter) are still the same old useless ones as always. Kinda strange. So I revert back to my initial statement.


I was understanding this for Battlegrounds. Not constructed.

I would be inclined to believe that the powers belong to the Hero, thus a Hero['s] Power, versus a [Heroic] Power. Seeing how Heroic is already part of a keyword related to Heroic Damage. There are some Hero Powers that do have Heroic Damage contingencies tho.

But back to your original point, how would you suggest a Hero’s Power also be Heroic either with or without stepping onto Heroic Damage’s terrain?

Baku would like to have a word with you. :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:

That’s still just a play-on hero power… :expressionless:

Well, I kinda think “heroic” and “hero” are related… :expressionless: Hero Powers probably should’ve been made a bit better for the long-run of the game. Now, with all the power creep in standard and wild (ESPECIALLY WILD), using a basic, non-play on Hero Power, non-upgraded Hero Power, non-mana-cheated Hero Power (like Baku), is almost like conceding the game. … :expressionless: