How do I start playing?

Never played before, but got a bunch of free stuff through twitch and other Blizzard games over the ages. I have “Open Packs (22)”, but when I want to open something, it says “Available after Apprenticeship”.

If I go into “Hearthstone”, I get a “choose your deck” and it says someyhing about “missing cards” for both decks. If I click a deck it says “(number) cards require completion of Apprenticeship. Replace them automatically?” and I have to no idea what this is. I can’t do anything else here.

I have no interest in starting with “Battlegrounds” as I haven’t even done a tutorial yet

There’s some game mode called “Mercenaries” but that doesn’t seem like it does anything with cards at all

If I go to “Solo Adventures” I get a “practice - Normal” option, but when I click that I have to select a deck again that gives me the “replace cards” popup.

I get some kind of “book of mercenaries” but that doesn’t look like a tutorial either as I started it and 0 explanations on what to do…

There should be a column of stuff to open. The top thing is a deck you get after finishing apprentice. Scroll down and you should be able to open those things, some of which may be mercenaries packs. That’s a single-player oriented rpg-like mode.

If you only want to play traditional cards, go build a deck. If you have existing decks, remove everything and start from scratch and you won’t have any errors about replacing cards. You can then take that deck i to single players to practice with it and get a little experience. You won’t advance in apprenticeship in single player mode, though. For that you need to play against other players.

Don’t begin they do NOT care about new players you will be consistently put against old players with top tier decks WHILE on the newbie ladder.

The free deck(s) you get are worthless and overall they HATE new players.