How do I remove Mercs from Training Grounds?

Do I have to wait til they max out the 25 hours? I’ve tried to drag them back to list but can’t.

Double click on the button below the portrait. That is for PC, not sure what mobile equivalent would be.

Click / Tap Earning XP button below portrait.
Click / Tap to end progress bar filling.
Click / Tap Preparing… button below portrait to Remove Mercenary.


Ok cool ty. I will give that a shot

Tried that and all it did was open an enlarged picture of the hero’s card. Any other suggestions?


Okay checked again.
It is just a single click. Once applies any gained experience.
Then a second click during the Preparing phase gives the option to remove it.

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Interesting, I’ll go check that out! Thanks for the insights.

It looks like leveling to 30 is an alternative, much longer method, Lol.


I have the same problem. So far I have let the mercenaries level up to 30 which finishes the training. It does not require 25 hours to level a merc from 1 to 30 via the training grounds. I don’t know of any other way to get them out of the training grounds.

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It is a bug. It happens in my PC version, but I can remove them from the mobile app.

A bug that has not been fixed about 10 months later. Still can’t remove mercs from the training ground in the PC version. I know mobile is preferred for this game, but it would be nice if it worked.


Still not fixed same bug on PC

still not fixed this should be something that is prioritized if they want to monetize the mercenaries mode.

How do i remove mercs from my main menu? :rofl:

Still not fixed on PC unfortunately


Still not fixed 1 year later. Is this a joke?