Hotfix Patch Notes – April 10, 2019

This is such a lazy and irresponsible way to “fix” Rogue in the current Arena meta… A meta that will only last for two months doesn’t warrant nerfing a barely playable but fun Wild deck permanently . YEARS after the fact, to boot! >_<

Facing other Rogues has always been the downfall of Burgle Rogue, and tri-class cards, while subpar on their own, were just about the only thing that could give you a slim chance in those matchups. This nerf outright kills that.

The fact that future Burgle cards might get “from another class” instead of “from your opponent’s class” doesn’t even begin to make up for it. We only received two cards with that text, one of which discovers a weapon , which obviously doesn’t do anything for Cutlass. The other is a weaker Blink Fox. I’d much rather still be able to use my Aya and Lotus Agents.

On top of that, this comes after they destroyed non-aggro Kingsbane by targetting the weak common card in the deck, then nerfed Tess herself into the ground (a nerf thankfully partially reverted thanks to community backlash).

It’s super obvious this is just a quick move to “balance” Arena without much effort. The new Arena rotation means that we’re bound to see all sorts of weird interactions that normally can only happen in Wild, and that’s supposed to be the appeal. Each rotation also only lasts TWO MONTHS. Don’t change things forever based on that!!!

I hope the campaign on Reddit to get this stealth nerf reversed gets a lot of support.


The triclass cards were not a bug. You nerfed these cards. What is going on?


That’s what you deserve for playing such pathetic decks.

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let me guess… you are a face rolling aggro player who plays the game to… not play the game at all. Someone who either wins or loses in 4-5 rounds without ever touching the mechanics that make this game actually “good” :slight_smile:

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When you will fix the new behaviour you created for triclass cards?

Because now that doesn’t make sense and I don’t like games don’t make sense.

Instead you fix the Explosive Runes behaviour over the divine shield minions you created a new no sense card ?

No sense card = My text doesn’t express what happens in the game and worse it does the inverse.


2 months after… pls Blizz revert this update u’ve destroyed cutlass.

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WTF its wrog with you devs still not have nerf doppelganster combo with shudderwock