Hotfix for Mindrender Illucia & Drakkari Enchanter

Hey everyone, We’re currently in the process of deploying a hotfix to address the following items:

  • Fixed a bug where Mindrender Illucia could sometimes permanently swap both players’ hands and decks.

  • Updated Drakkari Enchanter’s effect to no longer apply to secrets due to a bug that could cause a crash with secrets that trigger at the end of a turn.

This fix will take place on the server side, so you won’t have to download anything if you’ve already updated to 18.0.


Super :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the update. Possible to sticky it so that it remains visible to the forumers?


Head Dev: Ok we’ve tested everything and there is nothing wrong with this expansion, right?
Dev Team: Yes sir!
Head Dev: Release the expansion!
cue Spongebob’s 24hrs later filler
Dev Team: Uh Sir…
Head Dev: :man_facepalming:

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the player base plays more matches in a matter of hours than the dev team can do in a month, ofc there will pop up bugs that wasnt noticed in testing


It’s a Galakrond based bug…HOW COULD THEY NOT when everyone is pretty much running Galakrond

God bless server-side patches.

IMO, releases are like writing a thesis: no matter how much proofing you do, as soon as you lock the final version down and send it for printing, there is always at least one huge error that is spontaneously generated and was not there a moment earlier.

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