Hero Store Suggestion

I was wondering since the Hero shop currently has only 3 Heroes, what could and possibly should be implemented is the opportunity to purchase missed out heroes you can get through the new expansion release bundles. but release it a expansion after so it still provides the incentive for new expansion bundles.

e.g. Put Madame Lazul Hero (from Last expansion Rise of Shadows) onto the Store since Saviors of Uldum just came out. So when the Next Expansion comes out then release Elise (From Current expansion) onto the Hero store.

I feel like this would flush out and bring some more purpose to the Hero Store then in it’s current format.

P.s. Apologies if this is in the wrong category first time posting and wanted to get this suggestion out :slight_smile:

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I agree they should display all Hero skins, with just the skin for sale, for real money and no extra packs.