Hero Power pick in Heroic Duels is broken, making people waste gold

i too have this bug in now 2 runs and I really hope they reimburse us for this… So much gold wasted as deck is built for something different = instant lose…

Same problem, 450 gold wasted.

Same for me but only ofc in the games i pay for.
i chose the hero power with 1/1 informant and i get only 1/1 without the effect :smiley:
AND on top i got the 1st class card even i chose another.
So no weapon in deck many combo cards but hero power bugged and a useless class card. 150 payed for beeing handycapped :smiley:

yes it is… 450 g …

playing hunter in duels and though I selected the hero power options to trigger death rattles I keep getting placed with the default hero power.

this is the second time this has happened to me today. one before I streamed the second while I was streaming.I feel cheated both times on my duel runs especially since I used gold on them. But in my video play back on the stream you can clearly see i was hoodwinked by the bug.

They nerfed informants not to have a battlecry. That part is intentional. The issue people are running into is that they’re assigned the wrong hero power. Not the one they chose.

Refund cha cha cha, only fair?

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Same issue for me…also wasted 300 gold and would love to get it back.

I’m bugged with the mage treasure, i got the wand in a c’thun deck its totally useless. My run is still on with 0-1 atm. We really need a refund…

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Yeah, It happened to me as well. Exactly the same thing, thought that the first time was an isolated error, did it again, wasted gold again. 300 in total. I hope we can get it back, honestly.

Yep wanted 300 gold with the hunter picked the death games hero power but it keeps defaulting to survival instincts happend a few times in casual as well

Same problem here with hunter hero power and special deathrattle card in epic duel. Waste of time and gold.
Thx to fix it asap.

lost 1k+ gold by reseting, try to get the new hero power.
Hop Blizzard gonna give us some thing for excuse

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Same exact bug happened to me, quite upsetting when you build a deck around a specific power. waste of gold.

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I did 6 runs cuz I was sure they’d have fixed it or it was a one time bug. I spend a lot of money on this game, so wasteful and makes me not want to ever spend a penny again. Frustrating to build around the hero power and have it switch.

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Same thing happened to me! I just wasted 300 gold thinking I made a mistake.

Same here. Wasted 300 gold in this. I thought that I misclicked the first time, retired and entered duels again. I am also expecting a 300 gold refund.

Same here. 450 gold wasted- Had tickets open with blizz to which they replied:

Hi there.

Game Master Jestefrell here, and I’m just sending this mail as a follow-up response to the ticket you opened regarding an issue you encountered in Hearthstone.

Your purchases are not “null” at all. We care very much about every player’s experience. We know how frustrating this is.

But we Game Masters aren’t the ones who can fix this. The issue needs to be identified by the developers first. Then they will impelement a fix. It may include Arena/Duels tickets for anyone affected, or gold granted to those accounts, or some other form of compensation.

But it won’t be done one-by-one by players opening tickets and asking GMs. If compensation is given, it will be awarded to all affected players at the same time. :slight_smile:

If you need assistance with any other issue, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week. :slight_smile:

Same bug, tried paladin 2nd power after crafting to get to 90 cards and received 1st power.

May the gods of software development lend you their favor oh brave developers.

Hi all,
In case you did not see the announcement, this issue was just hotfixed, and compensation will be given within a couple of days, according to: