Hearthstone/Blizzard support for Apple M1-based Macs?

Is there any official word from Blizzard regarding support for Macs using the new M1 SoC architecture? Will Hearthstone work on the new MacBook Airs “out of the box” for example?


no, but it works on the m1 chip

p.s. sometimes it freezes

do you guys also have problem on playing on “High” details? my cpu temperature gets really high 80-100 celsius…

I just faced the same issue my m1 air. “Open in low resolution” seems to fix this issue.

Using this game on M1 is horrible, there is no proper M1 SoC architecture. More annoying is that:

  1. this game will randomly cause a kernel panic to any M1 chip resulting in audio still running in the background while your entire Mac OS is completely frozen (and yep this will cause you lose games as you can’t play cards or see anything that is happening on the screen). This issue can and can only be fixed by doing an SSH session to your Mac and killing off Window Manager or by hard powering off your Mac by holding the power button. Note that this issue literally only happens when playing this game.
  2. When this game is ran on High details it turns the M1 chip into an egg fryer, if it manages to stay on long enough without performing a full Mac kernel panic as noted above it will result in a hard shutdown.
  3. Blizzard has entirely ignored several posts about these issues with zero responses to any of them even when there are several of them with 1k+ views.

Replying to follow this as native M1 support for Hearthstone would be awesome.

What better way to play hearthstone on “M1 Macs” ? “Rosetta 2” vs “iPad Apps” ?

I wanted to buy mac mini But if it does not has Hearthstone support It’s a waste of money
And I will not buy the mac mini

Neither of them work well on the M1. You can play maybe half a game to one game before Hearthstone completely crashes the M1.