Hearthstone updates every time (still not fixed)

Using MacOS here. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled all of my Blizzard programs, have no 3rd party security running, and have even tried through a new Admin account. Every time I open Battle.net it insists it has new updates for Hearthstone, WoW and WoW Classic, which then takes 2-3 minutes before I’m allowed to actually run the program.

Edit: Not sure why this was moved to MacOS Technical Support. I originally responded to a thread involving both Windows and Mac, showing people on both platforms were having the issue, but the thread was deemed too old so I was told to repost, which I have. This is not a Mac specific issue.

Update: This is occurring even without quitting Battle.Net. I idle-disconnected from Hearthstone yesterday and had to quit the program. Once Battle.net became the forefront application (I have “Pause updates when I run a game” checked), Hearthstone began updating again, though the version number did not change at all once it was done.

Update: Just over a month now. Still happening. (Been happing for longer, but I posted this a month ago.)

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