Hearthstone team's priorities

Some packs appear to be giving more Signature cards than probably intended? That’s an emergency, disable pack opening immediately and fix this a.s.a.p.!

The Death Knight Prologue, which is pivotal for telling the story of Arthas and the whole user experience of walking his path, still broken? ‘The team is investigating the issue.’ [1]

I’m not even talking about other bugs and problems that have persisted for months… This is just an example related to the latest expansion’s launch.

[1] 25.0 Known Issues


when did dk prologue get broken i completed it without any issues as soon as the expansion went live

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If you just clicked through it quickly, you may have missed that the steps were all out of order and the dialogue was funky. At least it was for me and I completed it within a few hours of launch.



Well… at launch — I suppose I’ll answer your question literally, if even clicking on a link I conveniently provided above and reading a little bit is too much.

Does the phrase ‘known issues’ say anything to you? Why do you think this kind of obnoxiously sugary toxic positivity would be welcome?

Yeah, who cares about some guy named Arthas anyway… You’re supposed to just buy some more bundles and whatnot!

That’s officially documented, too, by the way.

Do I really have to do it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Considering some exceptional reading skills displayed above, I suppose I’ve gotta:


I finished the prologue and it leveled up all of my classes to level 10 when I finished… got all the achieve notifications.

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they released several hotfixes since the expnsion went live so i assumed one of them broke the prologue

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You can complete it just fine. What’s broken about it is the dialogue and the order in which you walk the path.

Like on Illidan, the last fight, you are for some reason talking about Mal’ganis. While on Mal’ganis, you talk to him like he’s Uther.

Yes, you can complete it just fine if that’s all you want, but from a storyline perspective it’s disjointed and annoying.


Yeah, who cares about the story and so on — ‘An karanir thanagor’, lol, just give us your money! :rofl:

You know, Blizzard might have never been a perfect company, but at least they cared about their games back then (thinking about the era of Warcraft 3, for instance), and the players appreciated the result. What’s been happening lately (including all those ‘reforged’ attempts and so on) seems more about trying to get as much money :dollar: :moneybag: as possible from the players still loyal — or those fooled easily and lured with the nostalgia bait — with minimum effort.

PS Mind you, I’ve never been a particular fan of Arthas, but the way they treated his story in terms of quality gets even me.