Hearthstone playing itself?

Running latest Hearthstone under macOS 10.13.6. I clicked to play a ranked game. After about a minute the Cancel button disappeared suggesting an eminent match. I waited for 3 additional minutes (the “Time in Queue” continued to count, though my “Estimated” wait was still 4 seconds - 1 minute). With no other apparent option, I hit Escape and Quit the application. I then re-ran the application. It took a moment to load, but instead of taking me to the home menu, I found myself in a match with 6 points left and my “opponent” casting a final Fireball; ending the “game” and costing me a rank star.

I don’t appreciate the game effectively playing for me with no means of accessing anything while my application isn’t even running, and I’d like my rank star back. Otherwise, your entire system is invalidated.


It was probably a connection error. It can happen with every app. Keep playing and you’ll get your star back.

This has been a fairly common issue for me (MacBook Air). That’s why I have to pay attention while looking for a match. If the cancel-button gets greyed out, but it’s not connecting to the game, you know it’s happening, and gotta restart application. If you’re fast, you make it in the mulligan. If not, you either miss the mulligan or first few turns, making the game essentially lost.