Hearthstone player retention

Hello all,

I am a big fan of Hearthstone and have left and jumped back into it over the years. When going over the reasons why, despite putting in money, it just loses its appeal because there is no real reward for active players helping the game stay afloat.

I feel like Blizzard is doing a lot for returning players and has built great support to get them back into the game or even starting out, but there is nothing for players that are actively sustaining the game.

A lot of businesses reward their continuing consumers but Hearthstone is missing this system. I feel like a system that rewards players in dust every expansion at least once in spending tier brackets would be very beneficial for retention and thus for the company.

For example it could look something like:
€20,- spent or more in previous expansion - Dust reward 800.
€50,- spent or more in previous expansion - Dust reward 1600.
€100,- or more in previous expansion - Dust reward 3200.

Dust is hard to come by, and it would be great for paying players to craft some cards they really have their eye on right out the gate of a new expansion, you could even make it temporary dust so that it only stays active for a week or 2 so people don’t hoard it and actually use it on new expansion cards.

Just my 2 cents to help Blizzard do better business.

The Rewards track is the reward for active players, not players pouring money into the game. If you fulfil the track from level 100-400, you gain 15,000 gold to spend on packs, enough to get most of the next expansion or enough dust to craft almost any deck.