Hearthstone on Mac not Working

I’ve seen a few posts about this issue already, but I just wanted to reiterate in hopes of increasing visibility to the development team so they can fix it.

Starting from at least Monday, June 24th, Hearthstone has not been playable on my Mac device (2019 MacBook Pro, Intel Core). I have tried “Scanning and Repairing” as well as re-installing the game multiple times, but the issue persists. Once I try to launch the game, I can hear the music, but I only see a flashing square of color on screen instead of the main menu.

Additionally, although last week the game was playable, I did have issues when I “tabbed out” of the game, which caused it to become unresponsive and require a restart. (Strangely enough, after playing a few games on Standard, this was no longer an issue).

If you have any suggestions for fixes I can try on my end, please let me know. Thanks!


I have the identical issue.

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Same here. Macbook pro m1


I have the same issue, tried re-install of Battle.net, HS, and ran Scan and Repair. Issue persists.


Me too, plus ran every troubleshooting step I could find in Forums & elsewhere online, issue still persists. Going on 2 weeks of this, & no response to my “bug reports” to Battle.net. Really disappointed with the lack of response…


Same issue. Latest battle.net client on M1 Max Ventura 13.4. Mostly playing battlegrounds mode, though all modes seem effected. Cannot switch desktops i.e. to check news between rounds without the game crashing. Effectively not working on mac.

Still just a yellowish box when I try and launch HS . Are they not going to fix this? It’s been weeks.

Update: Submitted a ticket and got a response from a GM saying they’ll take a look… hopefully it will be fixed soon