Hearthstone Legend External Plugin Bug

The official website for external plugins: h ttps://hearthmod.com/
Download address: h ttps://download.hearthmod.com/28.4.192412.4/28.4.192412.4.exe

Duel mode can use all favorite cards
pass through h ttps://hs.fbigame.com/ website Using illegal card codes Engage in a battle
(Has been deleted in advance by the administrator)

1.plug-in unitCan display additional information for matches
for example:
Knowing the options for Sword Saint Ocani
Suspicious Alchemist’s Choice Card
At the beginning, it is known that there are 30 or 40 other cards in the opponent’s deck
know Bottoming out section Select Card

2.Is the complete Battle.net nickname of the opponent displayed
Display opponent ladder level icon

3.Switch the quality of your own cards during battles
gold card Diamond CardAnd Mutation Card

4.You can set the back and hero skins of any card in the game

5.Set up a tavern chess match panel with any skin and ending effects
(It can also accelerate the progress of the competition)
6.Set any hero skin in the game

7.Use coins to purchase adventure levels(Only 700 gold coins are needed)

8.Switch the image of Bob in the tavern battle chess, and set up an outdoor setting

9.Can accelerate the progress of AI game matches
(Adventure Hotel Owner Mercenary PVE, etc)