Hearthstone Insights as a Returning Player

I’ve compiled my Hearthstone insights across a few articles.

First are my thoughts about all the game modes here :


Then some insights on current decks for Murder at Castle Nathria




Finally, insight on the top decks for duels :


It’s a game based on RNG. That’s it.

I had a warrior down 18 health toy 40. He pulls a mutanus that devours my insatiable. Then he drops a sire he just pulled and a minion that transforms Into another Minion next turn. Now he has 20 lifesteal a turn and dominates a game o was winning, in two turns.

It’s absurdly bad now

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Recently returning player myself. Last played way back in Uldum and actually trying to play now is abysmal. Everyones running some kind of super one shot deck that can deal 40+ damage in a single turn.

I’ve got nothing really in standard anymore so running a basic core deck but how things are now is just…why would I even consider spending money on this game anymore? I played 20 games and lost every single one because I love getting with a sire that hits me for 50+ damage in a single turn. Incredible balancing. /s