Hearthstone frequently hangs/crashes after latest build

I have two Macbooks, one Intel and one M2, that both exhibit issues of the client freezing to the point where I have to Force Quit it. This happens at launch, browsing the collection, starting a game, playing a game, pretty much any time.

Not sure what logs I can provide, but something is not working right.


MacBook Pro Intel, & can’t even get Hearthstone to launch after latest build, either get a black screen or rotating color screens, but the game won’t launch. Ran every troubleshooting step I could find in Support, Forums & online, no joy. Opened 2 “bugs” w/Battle.net but haven’t heard anything back.


I have a MacBook Air M1 and I have the same issue. Despite I uninstall and reinstalled the game several times, tried to “analyze & fix”, restored the initial game conditions, it still not working (rotating color screen and black screen). I don’t know what to do anymore.


Wow, now over a month later, STILL happening, & no response from devs. Basically lost interest in the game at this point, too bad, it was fun while it lasted I guess…