Hearthstone Battlegrounds ranking bug?

I invited today a friend into a battleground. I was 5023 and he 4550. we both did end in the 5-8th place range and dropped below the floor(i became 4976 and he 4460). while in solo today i could not drop below 5000 rating. Is this a new change or just a bug?


I noticed this as well. Are they penalizing us for playing with friends? Or have the floors changed?

This happened to me as well. I reached over 4500, and joined a group, and then promptly fell below 4500 after losing. This has happened twice, both losses occurring in groups.

This is happening to me also. I’ve been around 4000 for a week or so. When I’m playing solo and lose, I fall down to 4000 but no further. When I play in a group with my friends, I fall below 4000 on losses.

The fact that they already added into the game that when you play with friends, you gain less points. it would be a punishment if you can lose floors because you play with friends.

Happened to me twice but both times I was playing solo.
Today it dropped from 6520 to 6440 after I placed last in one match. Usually it wont let me fall below cap but sometimes it decides to just not work

the floor is 6000, 6500 is the cap for when you no longer gain bonus mmr


i have had this problem aswell.
im not certain but played solo after and i think i fell below it again (after returning back to 4500+)

I tested it today it seems fixed :smiley:

I just dropped bellow 5000 in solo game. Patch 19 introduced and reintroduced a lot of bugs

Just dropped below 6k solo. Its pathetic how bugged their games are getting lately, game breaking even. Random crashes mid-game and so on…

Well, I guess, this is how it looks like when you outsource to cheap developers. GG

It was disabled in Patch 19 due to a bug. Will be back in future patch

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