Hallazeal the Ascended weird reaction with Bomb

I know Bomb would improperly trigger Hallazeal’s healing effect in past.
But since Hallazeal’s text been changed, I think this bug has been patched.
However, my Bomb heals opponent by Hallazeal today(patch
Dev, please TRULY fix this bug this time, OK?

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If you play with a deck tracker, then please post a link to the replay of the game where this happened.
I’m sure it would be very useful for Blizzard to be able to investigate the exact circumstances where this happened.

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Link was on firestone
It was at turn 22, Bomb damaged enemy hero, then Hallazeal healed enemy hero immediately.

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Thanks for the replay!

Frankly, I personally think this is working as it should. Hallazeal’s text reads “your spells have lifesteal”. The Bomb card is marked as a spell. And since you gave it to your opponent (by shuffling it in their deck) it is now theirs. So with Hallazeal on the board, I would personally expect the Bomb to have lifesteal and hence immediately heal back the damage it does.

You say it worked like that at first, then was changed later, and now is back to how it was? Well, perhaps the period in between was a mistake. Or perhaps Blizzard disagrees with my interpretation of the card and the current behavior is indeed unwanted.

With the replay you posted, they should be able to investigate and fix … if they believe it should be fixed.

I was confused by this kind of “shuffle to opponent’s deck” card.
When one of the patch in Rise of Shadow expansion was released(sorry I forgot which was it), dev clarified that cards that damage enemy hero when draw(Bomb, Corrupted Blood…e.t.c) will no longer affect by your Spell damage, so the dev consider these kind of cards are not “YOUR” spell, right?
So I think Bomb shouldn’t trigger Hallazeal’s healing effect.