"Hall of Fame" Cards in Card Packs

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Upon the launch of Rise of Shadows, an error associated with how our servers processed the change from Year of the Raven to Year of the Dragon resulted in a small number of players receiving cards that had just rotated to the Hall of Fame. We caught this shortly after launch, but there was still an impact to some of our players, so we’d like to share what we’ve done so far and what affected players will see going forward.

We started tracking the issue on Tuesday morning and gathered a list of accounts that received Hall of Fame cards in their card packs. We also made the decision that these players will receive a full dust refund for any Hall of Fame cards they received after the rotation. We have some work to do to develop the fix, test it, and roll it out, so players won’t see the dust refunds immediately. We’ll share more once we have the fix in place.

Still hall of fame cards in witchwood packs
Just got 80 dust
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Black cat from WW pack
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We’ve just finalized our fix for players who received Hall of Fame cards after the rotation. Those players should see the appropriate dust refunds in their accounts shortly.

Why are bug fixes not posted in Bug Report forum?

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