Gruul Dragonclaw Fists 3 Not Applying Correct Buff

Mercenaries mode
Level 30 Gruul with Rank 5 in all 3 skills
Equipping him with Dragonclaw Fists at rank 3 only apply a +5 attack buff when a dragon is present despite it listing a +10 attack
Persists through multiple combats and unequiping the item and reequipping it

I did upgrade it and Dragonclaw Fists at rank 4 does work correctly and is applying a +15 attack buff to Gruul when a dragon is present. It’s just the rank 3 that is bugged.

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No good! I was looking forward to upgrading this skill in the next day or two. Thanks for the insights, hope it gets fixed.


Yeah, I’ve been focusing leveling Gruul since the start since I knew Dragon hate would be helpful come blackrock mountain. The bow item is great. 30 damage at 4 speed against dragons is great

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Confirmed. I also have Rank 3 Dragonclaw, it functions just as he said.
For the new Drakkisath bounty, it’s largely beneficial, as he gets the +5 vs all the elementals. But at the boss where there’s actually a dragon, he’s 5 attack short.

the +10 attack dragonclaw still is bugged, gruul gets +5 attack at all times but not the +10 against dragons (That I really need for drakkisath in particular). If this could get fixed soon, I’d appreciate it