Graveyard Deathrattle over-triggered (4 times instead of 2)

In this game, the opponent trigged Naval Mine by Necrium Blade under Snowfall Graveyard. Technically, before next step, even with the effect of Graveyard, this can ONLY trigger 2x4=8 dmg, but it actually dealt 2x2x4=16 dmg, which reach the lethal point when it was not supposed to be and won the Rank game.

That person looks like aware of this bug and intentionally prepared to use that thing to win.

video reference (happened at Turn 5, you can also notice his intention to use this bug at Turn 4)

Snowfall Graveyard triggers Deathrattles twice.
Necruim Blade’s Deathrattle triggers twice because of Snowfall Graveyard. (×2)
Each Necrium Blade Deathrattle triggers Naval Mine’s Deathrattle twice because of Snowfall Graveyard (4×2).
4 × 2 × 2 = 16.

Then Backstab on the Naval Mine deals another 4 × 2 damage.

3 (first attack from Necrium Blade) + 3 (second attack from Necrium Blade) + 16 + 8 = 30.

No bug here.

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No, you’ve double-counted the effect of Snowfall Graveyard. There is ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONE 2x multiplier cuzed by Graveyard, which is 2x4 ONLY, but in your statement, you counted them twice.

Without the Graveyard, the blade can only deal 4; Even with Graveyard, the Blade can only deal 2x4=8, where is the other 2x came from?

blade + backstab: 3+2x4+2x4 = 19 out of 27

Naval Mine ALSO has a Deathrattle, which triggers twice from Snowfall Graveyard. You’re not counting this.

Naval Mine deals 4 damage when its Deathrattle triggers. Snowfall Graveyard causes Naval Mine’s Deathrattle to trigger twice for a total of 8 damage.

Necrium Blade’s Deathratle ALSO triggers twice.

Snowfall Graveyard will trigger ALL Deathrattles twice, no matter how they were triggered.

Trust me. No bug here. I really don’t want to have to explain the whole thing to you again.

Even the wiki has a specific note on this;

Necrium Blade will activate its own Deathrattle twice. Each trigger from it will activate the minion’s Deathrattle twice in which the minion’s Deathrattle effect is triggered 4 times.

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The first time this combo happened to me I was confused too, but the math works out. I figured it out on my own while staring at my defeat screen. lol

Think of it like this:
Necrium deathrattle activates twice:
For the first activation, it activates naval mine, which itself is a deathrattle, which also detonates twice, making for 8 damage.
The second activation of necrium goes, activating mine again, which, again, is itself a deathrattle and therefore hits twice, for another 8 damage,
All for a total of 16.

Contrast this with a hypothetical:
Say, for the sake of argument, that necrium was a battlecry instead:
The battlecry would activate once [unless they had Brann] causing the mine’s deathrattle to go off–which itself must detonate twice, making for 8 damage.
If, then, they did have Brann, then necrium would activate twice,
Leading to what I just said earlier: first activation causes two naval explosinos, second causes another two.

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